Deanna Bramble
Author & Clinical Nutritionist

Deanna's Passion

Deanna is a Clinical Nutritionist who was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. She spent her early years reading endless health books and becoming immersed in health. Owning a  fitness training company and being a fitness trainer in the past also led her in following a passion to help several friends and athletes become more aware of the marketing health myths that plague our country that end up causing disease. She has successfully helped numerous people get off of prescription drugs, lose body fat, gain muscle, achieve higher energy levels and endurance, and look younger. Deanna has turned her knowledge of a raw plant based way of living in a new myth busting book that will be released shortly.

Growing up her mother used to hold Cancer Support groups at  home. Playing with the children of dying cancer patients definitely had an impact on how serious the topic of health became to her.  Having been close to death on several occasions herself, Deanna knows that everyday is an added gift of life.

When we pass on Deanna believes it is important to leave our mark on society in helping others anyway we can. Her new book was written thankfully because her close friends told her what she knew from reading numerous books on the topic, and incorporating it into her life was too valuable to hold back from others.

Many of Deanna's friends have called her asking for help to get off prescription drugs, asking how to perform better athletically, and some were even sadly dying of horrific diseases slowly. With disease rate skyrocketing out of control in our country, and not many yet understanding the many myths behind protein, casein protein, acidity in the body, how to stop cancer cells from growing, how to stay looking young on a cellular level, how to have higher energy levels, and better performance as an athlete…it was time she share this with you.

"People will go to great lengths to protect a myth. People will also justify almost anything that the masses follow"-Deanna

Deanna has two other published books on a different self help topic, and used to write relationship columns for a well known Internet Matchmaking Service.

Favorite Quotes:

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

Albert Einstein- Nothing will benefit human health and increase our chances of survival as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

 "..raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined." U.N. ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT

Ghandi-"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives." 


A word from Deanna~

Your knowledge beyond what we think we know just might be the power that saves our lives from years of deep physical pain, and keeps us from disease. It has taken me endless years to understand this due to my own stubbornness, numerous justifications, and lack of knowledge.

As an author, I extend my friendship to you in what I have learned to help your life be youthful, full of energy, and disease free so you can thrive. If nothing is changed, one in two of you reading this right now will get heart disease and one in three will get cancer. This is something we always think will not happen to us, because we are beyond statistics, and we think we are healthier than most by American standards.

We spend our lives wanting a financial status that gives us freedom, purposeful career, most loving wife or husband, great kids, positive spiritual mind clarity to keep us going. What happens when you obtain the Lear Jet, the Millions of dollars, great kids, and a beautiful spouse when you hear you need a triple bypass, you have stroke, or that you have kidney/liver failure, or that you have cancer, or heart disease, and the list goes on? What is missing? The essential key that makes a quality life is staying healthy. We are only as good as our body that carries us through life. Even our mind clarity starts at a cellular level. This game is over, and it all goes back in the box when our bodies fail us. It is so sad that most of the journey is over too soon when we get a disease, or pass on too early from most things that could have been prevented if we had the knowledge and self control.