Deanna Bramble
Author & Clinical Nutritionist

Calcium Making You Sick?

David Wolfe is the leading foremost authority in the world on raw food, nutrition and healing - he has a masters degree in nutrition. He is the “go-to” guy on the forefront of the health and healing movement, and he has spent the last 15 years studying the world’s natural healing substances.

David Wolfe explains in the video below how calcium supplements are seriously bad for your health. The old theory, and one that our society has been following for over 100 years, is that we need to take in calcium for our bones - well that is the incorrect theory. If we take too much calcium in, especially BAD calcium, it begins to calcify us and this calcification is what begins to create the stiffness in our bodies. Calcium supplements and calcium supplementation in foods are in fact part of every illness condition that can be named, three of the main ones being heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

Arthritis is a build up of bad calcium in the joints - There is also a link between calcification and cancer. For example with breast cancer, the hard aspect of the tumor is actually some kind of mineral substrate that is present there and it is actually so painful when you start trying to move it around, it feels like glass crystals are breaking up. Learning how to break down the calcification is key, because what that stuff is, the hard crystalline material that is shelling around the tumor, is actually calcium. What we are now realizing is that what we need to do to heal ourselves and to get where we need to go is to understand what calcium is and how to get the bad calcium out of our diet. David says it’s very important to STOP taking calcium supplements and instead START taking silica supplements. Silica supplements (Biosil is one of the best) and magnesium are trans-mutated into calcium in our body. One of the best sources for silicon would be cucumber skin, bell peppers skin, and skin of tomatoes. Another old theory that we have followed, was that minerals cannot be trans-mutated into other minerals, that also actually now turns out to be incorrect.

After attending The Longevity Conference I learned that one of the greatest ways to break down calcium deposits is to use Omica Organics Plant Derived MSM, and Omica Organics Super Ionic Fulvic Acid (with ocean algea and Ionic trace minerals). These two products help dissolve the calcification in our bodies.

Do not take calcium supplements at all! Calcium Carbonate and Coral Calcium are poison and not absorbable into the body. It is used in all sorts of cereals, dairy products, bottled coconut milk. Green leafy vegetables have great absorbable calcium for the body.

Listen to David Wolfe's Lecture on Calcium and the danger of Calcium Diseases: